Saturday, November 5, 2011

"April Hunts with Minelab Safari" by Biofilmz

This guy gets lucky with a chance to hit forest clearings, old parks, and farigrounds with his Minelab Safari metal detector. Check out the awesome treasures this guy finds!

Finds: 1946 Wheat cent, 1930 Mercury Silver Dime, 1939 Mercury Dime, 1941 Silver Quarter, 1944 Silver Quarter, 1898 Barber Quarter, 1875 Indian Head Cent, 1917 Buffalo Nickel, 1913 Wheat cent, 1934 wheat cent, 1948 Silver Dime


  1. Pittsburgh,PA is a great place to hunt! My E-trac loves it! :-)

    Also nice grabbing a beer and a Primanti's capicola at the end of the day too!

  2. Awesome! I went to Carnegie Mellon so I know a little bit about the 'burgh. I really miss that place.