Saturday, December 22, 2012

Golden Eagle's Coin Roll Hunting Results - 12/22/2012

Hi guys,

Finally got through the 3 boxes of dimes, 1 box of nickels, 1 box of pennies and 1 box of Nickels I blogged about earlier this week and here are the results:
  • Quarters : Some State Parks, otherwise skunked!
  • Nickels: Total Skunk (Pee - yew!!!!)
  • Pennies: Some wheats/coppers that went right into appropriate jars....
  • Dimes: out of $750 dimes, 6 silvers including a 1943d Mercury dime!
Silver Dimes Coin Roll Hunting CRH results silver dimes 1943d Mercury Dime

No silvers pitched out of the machine on the return, but I was gifted with an extra 2 pennies overage from the coin counting machine. Bonus win!: The bank gives me a free gift if I can guess the amount of coins within $1.99 and I won a free bank hand sanitizer. Might need that next time after going through all of those coins again. #crhfingers


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