Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silvers Found in Woods with Fisher F70 Metal Detector by Russ

In this video, Russ shows us all how to dig silver with his Fisher F70. He mentions that the silver quarters are ringing up in the 87-s , whereas the clad quarters are typically ringing up in the 83s on his F70. He also says the silver dimes ring up in a 76/77 range. Sort of awkward how he mentions the Fisher F70 a million times. He's hunting with a Fisher F70! .... Did you know he's using a Fisher F70?

Finds: 1938 Silver Washington Quarter, 1941 D Silver Mercury Dime, 7 Clad Dimes, 2 Zincolns, 1 1958 Wheat Penny, 8 Clad Quarters, 1 Compass Top

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